Spamilton (Menier Chocolate Factory, London)


Spamilton 2018

“Simon Beck gamely and brilliantly accompanies on a grand piano. The energy and enthusiasm is infectious.” – Gareth James (personal blogger)

“accompanied by Simon Beck, terrific, at a Steinway” – The Telegraph

“Simon Beck at the piano provides 85 minutes of nonstop music.” – The Guardian

“All are wonderfully accompanied by onstage pianist Simon Beck.” –

“Simon Beck at the piano offers rousing accompaniment through the 85 minutes.” – Independent

“with Simon Beck at the piano doing a splendid job throughout.” –

“accompanied by the tireless Simon Beck at the piano.” – Financial Times

“One very versatile pianist (Simon Beck) storms through numbers” – Express

“Simon Beck perches behind a grand piano onstage” –

“Simon Beck accompanies for the entire 85 minutes” –

“Simon Beck bangs out the tunes at a piano” – Daily Mail

“wonderfully accompanied by onstage pianist Simon Beck.” –

“Simon Beck does a grand job orchestrating at the piano.” – Thomas W.Hogkinson (personal blogger)