The Courage of a Dreamer

SB at the desk at Angel Studios, London

The Courage of a Dreamer

‘Courage’ is my debut solo album. A celebration of my favourite Broadway theatre writers – Lynn Ahrens & Stephen Flaherty, Stephen Schwartz, Alan Menken, Amanda McBroom, etc

Intended to be played from start to finish (I know, old fashioned!), it is the story of a life. Perhaps mine. Perhaps yours …

  • Wanting to be understood …
  • Longing for connection …
  • Finding that special someone …
  • Sharing adventures together …
  • The final chapter in the circle of life, ‘The Chance To Sing’
  • And finally, understood

“I’d encourage anyone with an interest in musical theatre to buy this album”

Ken Alexander, Theatre Director

You can purchase the album on CD direct from me on the site here

Download/stream right here


Just A Boy, the song written especially for me by my South African friend, singer-songwriter Machiel Roets. It was written about, and is forever dedicated to, my friend Dr Paul Whittaker OBE. I hope you like it.

Click any of the thumbnails above (scroll through) to see how ‘Courage’ was created in the recording studio and the live show. Plus some fun extras!