The Courage of a Dreamer

“Beautiful, Simon!! Thank you. This is so lovely and so interestingly recorded. XOXO”

Betty Buckley, actress/singer/cowgirl/teacher

The Courage of a Dreamer

‘Courage’ is my debut solo album. A celebration of my favourite Broadway theatre writers – Lynn Ahrens & Stephen Flaherty, Stephen Schwartz, Alan Menken, Amanda McBroom, etc

Intended to be played from start to finish (I know, old fashioned!), it is the story of a life. Perhaps mine. Perhaps yours …

  • Wanting to be understood …
  • Longing for connection …
  • Finding that special someone …
  • Sharing adventures together …
  • The final chapter in the circle of life, ‘The Chance To Sing’
  • And finally, understood

You can purchase the album on CD direct from me on the site here

Download/stream right here


Just A Boy, the song written especially for me by my South African friend, singer-songwriter Machiel Roets. It was written about, and is forever dedicated to, my friend Dr Paul Whittaker OBE. I hope you like it.

Click any of the thumbnails above (scroll through) to see how ‘Courage’ was created in the recording studio and the live show. Plus some fun extras!