The Courage of a Dreamer – in concert

Reviews :-
‘The Courage of a Dreamer’ – The Pheasantry, London. 2nd August, 2015

What a moving, at times funny and inspiring show – brought more than one tear to my eye” – Justine Balmer (singer)

Performing with the most heart I have ever seen on stage, he took songs I thought I knew and totally made me care about them in a completely different way! Always reminding us of what is special in life and that mortality is just another word for opportunity! Everyone should keep their eye out for his album ‘The Courage of a Dreamer’!” – Scott Harrison (singing teacher)

A truly sensational show!” – Patsy Trench (writer)

Great material and well performed. Feeling impressed” – Ludovico Lucchesi Palli (journalist/producer)

Marvelous. Really lovely stuff” – John Gregson (guitarist)

A lovely evening in the presence of Simon Beck at his album release cabaret.” – Dustin Struhall (music director)

with Julian Kelly, Nick Walsh and Sarah Bowler

“Beautiful, Simon!! Thank you. This is so lovely and so interestingly recorded. XOXO”

Betty Buckley, actress/singer/cowgirl/teacher