“Simon doesn’t have grey hair. He has WISDOM HIGHLIGHTS”

Lorna Dallas

I have been guiding future generations of musical theatre performers, as well as instrumentalists and conductors, since 1994. These professions are by no means exhaustive or exclusive. I am very happy to work with you in fields outside of music.

In addition to offering specific conducting and vocal coaching sessions, I am very interested to offer you a mentor session – an hour long calm, safe space where we can explore your career/life aspirations, and how to fulfill your potential.

If all you need is an accompanist, you can book your session right here.

I go deep-diving with my private coaching clients. I am passionate about this aspect of my work/life. I have been so fortunate to experience many of the leading practitioners in the music and entertainment business – the good and the not so (!) – I feel I have a lot to offer you to help you progress quickly to discover your fullest potential. Not to mention the endless life mistakes & triumphs and a recent working trip to India to clarify how best to surf life’s challenges! 

If my vibe resonates with you, and you’d like to work together, please get in touch

“Not only is he a superb musician he has a quite uncommon empathy and he’s a natural teacher. Oh, and he don’t half make me laugh!”

Patsy Trench

If you would like to arrange a mentor session (in person/online) please click on the image below.

Any questions, please ask me here

“Simon is an amazing mentor. His calming yet informative and fair guidance helps one reach their full potential. He is inspiring, understanding and a pleasure to work with and learn from”

Vikki Rogers